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Whether your application is in need of rebuilding of existing equipment, a production run, or a fabricating project from the ground up, M & W Shops is a specialist in all of the above. Located in Union Grove, Wisconsin at a facility with a large material inventory, our team can assist you with your fabricating needs. In our 28,500 square foot facility houses our fabrication capabilities which include sawing, forming, welding of all types, shearing, finishing, punching, and many more. Services include custom work, design assistance, volume production, and more. Over the years, we have steadily increased in volume and market share by providing exceptional quality, fair pricing and on-time deliveries to clients both local and global. Our engineers and designers at M & W can offer the experience, resourcefulness, and expertise to meet the needs and specifications of your project. We use a 10,000 square foot warehouse to keep stock items readily available. Our engineering staff can provide AutoCAD drawings for any custom product, whether it is for an industrial vacuum system design or for a custom metal fabrication. Our high-performance equipment is made with both a rugged aesthetic and durable construction. When you choose M & W shops, you can expect quality in workmanship and service because it's backed by a dependable, experienced staff that can answer all your questions and is always available to help with your problems. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional customer service and manufacture high quality products at competitive prices with on-time delivery, no matter the size of the workload.

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