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Cincinnati, Ohio

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Monti Incorporated stands as a stalwart in the machining and fabricating realm, boasting an impressive track record spanning over four decades. With their unwavering commitment to excellence, they have garnered ISO-9001:2015 registration, a testament to their dedication to quality and precision. Renowned as your trusted partner in crafting top-tier components, Monti Incorporated epitomizes reliability, speed, and competitive pricing.

Diving into their expansive capabilities, Monti offers a comprehensive suite of services that cater to diverse industries and applications. At the core of their offerings lies CNC Machining, a skill honed to perfection over years of operation. Their mastery over this craft enables them to produce intricate and complex parts with utmost accuracy.

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Welding is yet another forte in Monti's arsenal. Armed with a diverse array of cutting-edge machinery, their expertise extends from prototyping and repair to retrofitting and large-scale production, accommodating individual parts to substantial weldments. The repair industry particularly benefits from Monti's prowess, as they adeptly reverse engineer damaged or worn-out components, or swiftly fabricate replacements based on hand sketches, facilitating the rapid restoration of electrical gear within hours, a feat that would typically take days.

GPO-3 Insulation Machining & Punching is a specialized domain where Monti truly shines. The precision required in this arena dovetails seamlessly with their overall commitment to quality, ensuring clients receive meticulously crafted components meeting stringent insulation standards.

The company's proficiency in Copper Machining and Fabrication, coupled with Bus Bar Manufacturing, bolsters their reputation as a versatile entity capable of catering to diverse industrial needs. Their expertise encompasses everything from progressive stamping and die design to powder coating and electroplating in silver, tin, and zinc. Furthermore, Monti's Epoxy Bus Coating further exemplifies their holistic approach to providing comprehensive solutions.

Monti Incorporated's distinctive hallmark lies in their unwavering dedication to Sheet Metal Fabrication. Their adeptness in utilizing a vast array of fabricating machinery enables them to offer a spectrum of services ranging from prototyping to production of substantial weldments. This versatility extends to the repair industry, where they excel in swiftly engineering replacements for damaged or worn-out components, thus expediting the restoration of electrical gear from sketches to operational parts within hours, a process that typically consumes days. Positioned at the forefront of precision engineering and innovative solutions, Monti Incorporated remains a beacon of reliability and excellence, consistently delivering quality parts precisely when they are needed, all while maintaining competitive pricing.

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